China Numismatics

  China Numismatics, a bimonthly journal of 16 folio and 80 pages, co-sponsored by China Numismatic Museum and China Numismatic society, was founded in 1983 and published home and abroad.

  The journal is to date the sole nationwide academic journal of numismatics and monetary history in China which mainly focuses on China’s numismatics, including knowledge of numismatics and monetary history of other countries. The journal lays emphasis on technicality, authenticity and informative contents with its purport to advance China’s research of numismatics and monetary history while providing a place for coin researchers and amateurs to exchange academic achievements and information and spread the knowledge of numismatics. The journal has a number of columns such as Numismatics Forum, Research of Monetary History, Quintessence of Numismatics, Bank and Paper Currency, The Unearthed and Discovery, Numismatic Knowledge and Trends in Coin Collecting , focusing on the new achievements and discoveries in China’s numismatic research ,making great efforts to exploit new fields and strengthening the scientificity of numismatic research on the basis of inheriting and carrying forward the tradition of numismatics while giving full consideration to the popularization and the publicity of numismatic knowledge in the arrangement of contents in order to improve the taste of the general public.