China Numismatic Society

  China Numismatic Society (CNS), founded in 1982, is a non-governmental academic organization registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, with its secretariat set in China Numismatic Museum (CNM). Now CNS has 77 institutional members, involving 62,000 individual members. Currently, it is a full member of International Numismatic Commission (INC).

  CNS is a non-profit academic organization comprising research institutes of numismatics, numismatics researchers, collectors and volunteers. CNS’s mission is: to unite all members and fans of numismatics, abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations of the state as well as the social ethics, organize various academic activities on numismatics and push forward numismatic studies and researches on the monetary history, organize coin-collecting activities oriented to the public and publicize the awareness about numismatics; to carry forward Chinese numismatic culture and serve the people and socialist construction. CNS is subject to the guidance and supervision from People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, as well as the guidance from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Ministry of Culture and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.